Enrolment Solution

Governments today use new technologies like face recognition capturing and fingerprint technologies to ensure high security levels in their institutes and assure the uniqueness of citizens. But in order to maintain the highest level of security they also need to adapt the rest of their systems to new standards to offer the best services to their customers. New standards in technology generate the need for countries all over the world to establish better enrolment processes and procedures for issuing MRTD, e-Passports, MRV (visas), national identity cards and driving licences, etc.

Smart Cube enjoys great expertise in such fields including a full system in many countries. We offers fixed station enrollment systems including a centralized system, a desktop system, a customized workflow and a fully automated live enrollment station. Smart Cube also offers mobile stations that are portable and easily carried around. All of our enrollment systems are new and carry out procedures in a time-saving technique for speedy data entry and capture using document authentication. Our enrollment systems also showcase a set of biometric technologies for accurate identity recognition, DNA system, fingerprint recognition IRIS capturing, face scanning and matching systems.