Life Cycle Management


As it is necessary to know the complete history, track and trace of a document from the moment of the issuance of a document until it is personalized and delivered to the customer, to make sure that the printed information are correct, readable and consistent. Smart Cube offers a system for delivering audit data if something goes wrong around at every stage of production, tracking and record keeping are very important. This is also to facilitate the job of the production manager and issuing officer.

Identifying and recording the chip serial number, time and date of manufacture, etc… is the starting point of the lifecycle of an ID card or an e-passport. Our system is designed to reduce rejections, operator errors, printer jams and counting problems. During production, security and tracking are required to ensure exact counting of all components used (good or bad).

To meet our customers’ needs, Smart Cube offers a real auditing solution, stock management and important data tracking and recording at all stages in the progress to the point of sending the document for delivery.

   Real time recording of each important event

   Ensuring accurate accounting

   Managing damaged or rejected document

   Complete history of each document


   Intelligent interfaces

   Production statistics