Fingerprint Scanners

  Cross match

- Guardian

Crossmatch L SCAN Guardian is the first compact, mobile, ten-print capture scanner system to meet the U.S. government’s stringent biometric standards. Guardian is designed for rapid forensic-quality fingerprint capture, which qualified it for the FBI’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS) Appendix F certification for electronic fingerprint transmission.

Unique features, such as the patented auto capture capability and Perfect Roll technology, allow foolproof fingerprint acquisition - positioning Guardian as an excellent choice for high-volume processing environments.


- L SCAN 1000T

Cross Match L SCAN 1000T is a 1000 ppi high-resolution, lightweight, compact fingerprint live scan system for use in desktop, portable or cabinet configurations. Third-level detail, such as the shape of fingerprint ridges and sweat pores, can be of utmost importance in making identification. Although today’s modern AFIS systems reach search accuracies of 99 percent, it is still the responsibility of the fingerprint examiner to determine the correct identity from a list of possible candidates. While 500 ppi fingerprint images are standard and perfectly suited for automatic searching, sorting candidates based on third level detail requires another level of image contents. Those details become clearly visible with the superb resolution and outstanding image quality of the L SCAN 1000T Finger/ID flats live scan system.

The L SCAN 1000T combines solid performance, real-time display and instant quality checks to produce crystal clear and crisp images. The L SCAN 1000T is lightweight, and compact for configuration flexibility, and the smart buttons make it easy to use.