IRIS capture

 Cross Match

- I SCAN 2

Cross Match I Scan 2 enhances military and civilian security programs with fast and reliable biometric technology. A durable and compact dual iris capture scanner, I Scan 2 is an integral part of any comprehensive identity management program. With the system, organizations can extend their security installations by adding rapid mobile enrollment, identification and verification through iris capture applications. I Scan 2 is compatible with known iris matching algorithms and does not require a separate license to acquire and populate iris images. The included I SCAN Essentials SDK and driver software enable image finding and stabilization, pupil segmentation, image quality assessment and Auto Capture functionality for quick and easy image collection. In the tradition of Cross Match live scan technology, I Scan 2 is the most advanced and easy-to-use iris capture solution on the market.


- iCAM TD 100

The iCAM TD100 includes an optical system specifically designed and optimized to operate in perfect unison with the integrated high speed multi-sensor iris imager array. The iCAM TD100 automatically processes and outputs high quality ISO standards compliant iris images of a subject in less than one second.

- iCAM 4000

The iCAM4000 or 4010 with embedded smartcard is the best-selling model in the IrisAccess 4000 range. Simultaneous two-eye capture, face-badging camera, motorized height adjust, iCAM4000 is easily configured for use in a kiosk as well as in applications where a traditional wall-mount is used.

- iCAM 7000

The iCAM7000 series has features no other iris system offers. iCAM7000 enables rapid iris acquisition with greater image collection for superior enrollment and recognition. A holographic targeting aid is just one part of an intuitive and interactive interface that includes voice and visual feedback for increased speed. All models feature the robust Iris ID countermeasure package experts agree sets the standard in the industry.